About Us

I’m a wifey to the hardest working & most supportive man on the planet & a boy mama x’s 3 - Dylan, Hunter & Maverick. Dylan is as hard working as his dad & works directly with him & his biz. Hunter is a junior in college & my right hand as the creative mind & all things behind the scenes with Pretties. Maverick is a high school student killing the vlogging & gaming vibe right now. I’m also a dog mama to the sweetest maltese - Frenchi. We live in a quant southern town in the heart of NC.

After spending about 18 years working alongside my husband, Lee, to build a successful business in the residential construction industry & helping raise our three boys, I longed for the opportunity to get out of a boy's world & build something all of my own where I could express myself in a fun, creative way. I like bright, bold patterns & colors & may or may not have been told a few times that I’m “EXTRA!”

I’m a southern girl to the bone & that’s definitely reflected in the deep southern accent I have. I’m embarrassed every time I hear myself speak which is why I hate being recorded! Funny thing is, I constantly get the “I love your accent!” from people when they hear me for the first time… but it still mortifies me!

Of course in the south, monograms are huge so that’s actually how I got started before moving on to open my first brick & mortar store. After 3 years, I still have to pinch myself when I say out loud that we now have an online store AND 2 storefronts!

It is my mission to encourage women & girls to celebrate everything you are & everything you have ever dreamt of being! I want you to forget those thoughts of feeling like you can’t pull it off! Can I tell you how many times I’ve heard people say - I can’t wear that because… I’m too big, I’m too short, I’m too tall, my boobs hang out or the best one - I’m too old. The list goes on & on & on. It’s exhausting! GIRLFRIEND - Put it on! Embrace it & rock it out! Because that’s EXACTLY what I do!

Thank you for following along with us on this crazy journey called small business. It means the world!

xoxo - Renee